The Dark Between is a sort of “Steampunk”, sort of “Gaslamp” fantasy setting that takes place on the planet of Naos

. The heart of The Dark Between lies in the exploration of themes of gray morality, authority versus autonomy, chaos and order, and the concept that the more we know about the Universe, the more we don't.

This setting has everything from unknowable elemental beings, powerful spellcasters, to genius inventors. Naos is a vast world, with many varying cultures and points of view—the technological wonders of Aljieudum

, the stretching verdant hills of Savaar, and the militaristic might of Tharsis.

Magic in Naos

In Naos, the primary source of Magic is The Luminary

, contained within a great celestial moon that orbits the planet. All living creatures on Naos are connected to the Luminary through an unseen, metaphysical strand known as a Thread. Magic on Naos is more specifically known as Luminous Magic.

An Acronist and his Thread

Manifesting magical effects with Luminous Magic involves interfacing directly with the Luminary using the Thread and providing the celestial entity with a Conviction



are what most magic users on Naos are known as. Since Luminous Magic is based on belief, not just that of the individual, but to a greater power extent the collective belief of all of Naos, religion has played a significant role in how Luminous Magic, and more specifically, Acronists form successful convictions without incurring Backlash likely to injure themselves or, more likely, tear a hole in reality. In areas of the world such as Aljieudum, where The Argent is the most prevalent religion, Acronists garner much of their abilities from the Primal Spirits, gaining specific powers through Primal Aspects tied to each Spirit.

Human Variants

While humans make up the majority of the population on Naos

, there are a number of once-humans and human hybrids living alongside their ascendants.

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